When a business is well managed it can grow faster than any ever expects.  When you’re a small business owner having a Human Resource consultant on hand may seem like an investment you simply can’t afford.  If you want well trained, high quality team members to help your business grow then it really is something that you can’t afford to live without.  Choosing to work with Calgary Learning Tree as a human resource consulting company can offer some incredible benefits to your company.

Let us show you what we can do for you.


We offer a host of outsourcing solutions designed to meet the needs of your individual business, primarily, the following services are part of our core outsourcing services.

  • Streamlining your existing HR processes making them more efficient
  • Taking over and looking after your HR functions
  • Finding and eliminating any errors that may exist with your current systems

Benefits and Deductions

Many business owners have come to us because payroll deductions and insurance benefits are time consuming and difficult to manage.  This is one of the most frequent tasks we undertake on behalf of our clients.  We can streamline your health benefits and payroll deductions, or we can set up and train your current staff.  If your admin department finds the job of payroll tedious or confusing, we can take over and allow you to concentrate on running your business.  Don’t spend days trying to calculate commissions, or deductions to employee benefits.  We can take care of that for you.  Let us show you what that would look like.

  • Find the best insurance solutions for your employees and you as the employer
  • Present you with your options and which will fit your needs and budget

Technology Implementation

Human Resources like any department in your business runs on technology, and some companies don’t want to install and deal with yet another piece of software.  We can integrate human resources software and technology into your current systems.  We can put together the right combination of software and train your current employees on how the systems can work together.  We can also maintain and upgrade your HR systems.

Employee Relations

Your employees are your greatest asset and we have the expertise to help you keep them.  Our team understands the ins and outs of maintaining a happy and productive workforce.   We help you with things like employee incentives and rewards and improving your employee acquisitions

Take advantage of our services for your HR consulting solutions, a successful business starts with employees that you can trust.