We all know that networking is important for your business if you want to grow and expand but finding networking opportunities that offer a return on your time is difficult. 

Corporate Training

You don’t need us to tell you how highly competitive your business can be, no matter your industry technology has had an impact and if you aren’t keeping up then you are being left behind.

Human Resources

When you’re a small business owner having a Human Resource consultant on hand may seem like an investment you can’t afford. Team members to help your business grow, you can’t afford to live without.

Welcome to Calgary Learning Tree

We are a trusted name in the delivery of networking,search engine optimization services calgary  , and corporate training services. Over 70 percent of our clients in a recent survey chose to do business with us because we always deliver on our promise. Some of the services which clients can access include:


Organizations can only do well when they are able to recruit the best talents. We are known to always understand what our clients do and what their brand is all about. This helps us to know the right way and place to attract the right talent for each of our clients. We understand that our clients do not want just any employee but those whose vision closely matches theirs. This makes the onboarding experience easier for both our clients and their employees.

Human Resource

This is the live wire of every business that should not be taken lightly which is why we give it our best shot at all times. Most of our clients have been able to increase their profit margins by doing what they know how to do best while outsourcing their HR functions to us. After attracting the best talents for a client we ensure that each employee gets the same onboarding experience.

We also take care of other HR consulting  such as calculating the clock-in and clock-out times to make the preparation of employee Payroll a breeze. Other HR services include the preparation of payrolls, handling of employee vacations, sick leave among others. Bottom line: Our clients are saved every worry associated with human resources.

Corporate Training

In order not to have employees who remain stagnant on the job, we also provide corporate training services for our clients. This helps to build the confidence of our client’s employees and empower them to handle bigger tasks. Employees want to grow and our clients, in turn, do not want to lose their best staff to the competition. Our corporate training service is able to bridge both gaps by ensuring that the employees of our clients are able to fulfill their dream of growing on the job while our clients retain their best talent who are also able to handle the bigger tasks assigned to them.

You can read more about the services we offer to our clients here. They have endeared us to so many clients who have written some of the positive reviews you find below about us. Call on us today to speak with our customer service representative.