Hiring an Arborist: 10 Things to Know

Hiring a local Professional arborist to , treat and cut trees in your garden can be a simple process, if you can follow the guidelines given here. They ensure safety, security, efficiency, timely work, and coverage of accidental damages to people and property.

1.     Arborist License

Professional Arborist Company in your region should have a working license from the municipal corporation, department of forestry, or the state government. You can check copies of license. Read through the license to check if it is renewed to cover present date. Also, you have t check where the arborist conforms to the standards of tree pruning, maintenance and cutting procedures in your region.  Other important factor to check is what happens to the wood after tree is felled or branches are pruned.

2.     TPO Permission

As property owner, you have to get the Tree Preservation Order (TPO) from your local council before taking any action on pruning and cutting. Fill in the application for tree felling and contact the tree officer in the council. He will check if the tree in your garden is within TPO conservation area. Then he will check the legality and necessity of felling the tree and give you a written permission. Preserve a copy and give another copy to your arborist.

3.     Post Felling Procedure

If the felled tree is in TPO zone, you have to replace it with a new sapling or smaller tree which doesn’t hurt or damage property in its surroundings. If not, there are no restrictions. After felling, you may choose to use the wood for personal needs or sell it to local lumber. Find a local sawmill and get the best quot. An arborist will have no rights on felled tree or pruned branches, unless you decide to sell the wood to him.

4.     Liability License

Get the original copy of liability license coverage from the arborist company and read carefully. It should cover your property as well as your neighbors. Licensed Arborist Company will be accountable for damages. They will also have contracts with local Insurance Agency for simplifying claim procedures. Other type of insurance you have to check is related to worker compensation. If a worker suffers personal injuries during felling, the Arborist Company will be responsible for compensations. It may also include your contribution percentage (if applicable). You have to ensure it is specified in the Arborist quote.

5.     Quality Certification

Certifications from American Society for Consulting Arborists (ASCA), International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), or Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) are very important to validate quality, reliability, safety and security aspects of Arborist Company.  Check the original certificate and its validity for today. You can talk to Arborist workers to understand their skill and experience levels. You will be able to know their level when you ask specific questions.

6.     Tools and Gears

You may not be a tree expert. But you can certainly ask questions related to years of experience (from the certification date), expertise (training and awards), and safety procedures they use. You can also inspect the equipment and tools they use for tree pruning and felling operations. Also, check the safety gears they use. For example, PPE safety clothing, helmets, hearing protection, fall and rescue, gloves, safety glasses, emergency medical kit and tree climbing harnesses & saddles are the basic safety gear they should use. Workers should be well versed in using eye ropes and split tails for sliding up and down the height of tree.

Other tools you need to check are rigging kit, lowering devices, chainsaw, cutting tools, ladders, and other related arborist accessories. If the workers are equipped with these gears and tools, you can be sure of their efficient workman ship.

7.     Ask questions

You need to ask questions to the Arborist workers about their equipment knowledge and maintenance procedures. For example, they may have to cut a tree branch that is directly above your car garage, or kitchen. Then you can ask them how they plan to cut it and move it away without causing damages to property. You can also ask questions about their safety gear knowledge. It will ensure they won’t commit any mistakes while working.

8.     Take Referrals

References from your neighbors can help you to a great extent in finding the right arborist. You can visit their garden inspect efficiency and safety of work they have performed. You can also check for client testimonials on social media and forums. They help you in getting better understanding of quality and reliability of Arborist Company. Talk to your neighbors about pricing, punctuality, and procedures followed by Arborist after felling trees. If you wish to sell the felled trees, it is better to know from your neighbors whom they sold it to and what was the price they got.

9.     Take Opinions

Take the second opinion from other tree experts about safety and operational procedures to be followed by Arborist. They can guide you about safety equipment, operational tools, methods, and other related procedures. Write down their guidelines in your diary and ask related questions to your Arborist when they come to inspection. You can easily understand their efficiency and safety standards. You and also read some of the technical manuals related to tree felling, pruning, and maintenance procedures. Look for the specific tree(s) in your garden, since the procedures may vary. Note down the points in your diary for reference while taking to Arborist.

10.Check Customer Care

Professional Arborist Company will have customer care service which can help answer to your queries before the operation. They can also book your order, give you quote and details about services offered. They should be accessible and available on emergency calls. The Company should also have an emergency service section that works 24×7. It is better to opt for a local Arborist Company than someone who is at a distance of 100 miles from your property, unless there is nobody in your neighborhood. Note down the emergency service number, customer care number, and other contact details for reference.

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